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MySpace Latino, SBS partner to reach Spanish speaking Latinos online

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 30, 2008


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Photo: SBS, MySpace Latino

In an effort to extend their reach MySpace Latino and Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) television and radio properties are partnering to launch a creative campaign they hope will draw one million Spanish speaking Hispanics to MySpace Latino. Plans are to promote “Queremos Un Millón de Amigos” (“We Want a Million Friends”), as the project has been dubbed by marketing staff, on SBS television and radio stations and their websites.

MySpace Latino will provide community, video, instant messaging (IM) platforms and hosting capabilities to SBS, while promoting SBS shows and artists on MySpace Latino. MySpace Latino is expected to add direct links to some SBS shows which company executives hope will create lasting online relationships with its audience.

The Entérate community will be included in the partnership between SBS and MySpace Latino, allowing MySpace Latino users access to entertainment news, fashion, videos, and interviews through, the SBS portal. The day we visited the website it listed 526 friends.


Cynthia Hudson Fernandez, CCO and EVP, SBS

“This strategic alliance will continue to strengthen our online presence and enhance the user experience of our growing audience,” said Cynthia Hudson Fernandez, chief creative officer and executive vice president for SBS and managing director of Mega TV and SBS Interactive. “We believe that this exciting partnership will help us to better integrate our media properties, enabling us to interact even more with our audience and fans.”


Victor Kong, VP and managing director, MySpace Latino

“Once a week, ‘Especiales MySpace’ or ‘Musica Channel’ will feature SBS shows, artists and DJs”, said Victor Kong, vice president and managing director MySpace Latino. “The show, artist or DJ being featured in MySpace will also have a profile within the site so users can add them to their friends list and be kept up to date with all that’s happening. We’re confident that this interaction will help to drive users to the respective show on the radio and on Mega TV.”

“MySpace Latino will create show specials where users can interact with Mega TV’s talents and personalities through posting comments and questions on their profiles that will be answered either online or on the show. MySpace Latino will also offer users the chance to participate in different contests and know in advance the different topics that will be presented on SBS‘ TV and radio shows.”

MySpace Latino is a Spanish language website designed for Hispanics. Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. is one of the largest publicly traded Hispanic-controlled media and entertainment companies in the United States. SBS owns and operates Mega TV in Miami as well as 20 radio stations in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Puerto Rico.

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