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Mun2 to feature Enrique Iglesias prominently in April

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 24, 2008


Yasmin Deliz and Enrique Iglesias on Vivo

Photo: Robson Muzel

In April, mun2 hopes to capture the hearts of its viewers 12 to 34 years of age with Enrique Iglesias: Bigger on mun2, a series of appearances by singer Enrique Iglesias. The pop star will be featured prominently including originals, hosted shows, interactive features, original promos, music video blocks, and exclusive interviews. Some of the programs, a promo, digital vignette and teasers, will be available in part or whole on, the network’s website. Appearances will be in Spanish, English and spanglish.

“Mun2 is bringing a true pioneer of bilingual pop to fans with our exclusive Bigger on mun2 treatment of original, irreverent, and candid content on-air and online,” said Flavio Morales, mun2 vice president of Programming. “Kicking off the new season of Vivo with Enrique Iglesias, one of the greatest international pop stars of all time, is a huge treat for our audience.”

Enrique Iglesias: Bigger on mun2 includes a appearances on a mun2 on-air promo,, 2RSLVJ, The Shuffle, Pepsi Musica, Enrique Iglesias “95/08″ video block, and Vivo, a three year old program. According to a mun2’s representative, the network executives expect many women viewers and high audience numbers.

Launched in 2001, mun2 offers bilingual programming for young U.S. Latinos. The multi-platform youth entertainment network is available nationwide to 17 million viewers on cable and television. The network is part of Telemundo Cable Networks, a division of NBC Universal TV Networks Distribution.

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