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Online grocer adds Latino themed clothing for men, boys to inventory

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 10, 2008


Cañita Hibisco Chucho t-shirt 

Photo: Chucho 

Beginning in March, MexGrocer online customers can purchase Latino themed 100 percent cotton t-shirts for men and boys from the Chucho brand. They can choose from three vintage designed styles in medium and large sizes for $20.

The styles are Canel’s Blanco Y Negro with Rafael Martinez, Cañita Hibisco and Roma. Canel’s is a brand of Mexican chewing gum and Rafa Martinez is a NASCAR driver. Cañita Hibisco is an Aguas Frescas beverage brand; and Roma is a laundry soap brand in Mexico.

“We have never sold apparel on line and feel the Chucho brand complements our product assortment,” said Hernandez, Jr. “We think the Chucho brand will do well; it is something unexpected yet curiously familiar.”

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Molly Robbins Chucho creator

Molly Robbins, a Mexico City native, created Chucho with the slogan Esta marca es para ti (Spanish for this brand is for you). To launch her clothing lines, she secured exclusive rights to use trademarks and vintage art from some Latino companies.

“I am so thrilled to be partnering with,” said Molly Robbins. “They get an enormous amount of traffic on their site and we are lucky to be part of it.”

Chucho incorporates black and white and colorf graphics and logos from beverages, confections, cement companies and tire manufacturers. Robbins launched Palomita, a similar line for women and girls, in 2007.

Founded by Ignacio Hernandez Sr. and Ignacio (Nacho) Hernandez Jr. seven years ago, San Diego based is an online seller of Mexican products and food.

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