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Texas agency establishes Hispanic marketing scholarship fund

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 8, 2008


Jay Janecek, Michelle Lopez Negrete, Alex Lopez Negrete and Bill Courtney 

Photo: Lopez Negrete Communications 

Lopez Negrete Communications, a Hispanic owned and operated agency specializing in Hispanic marketing, established the Lopez Negrete Hispanic Marketing Education Fund, an annual scholarship to benefit students who want to pursue a career in Hispanic marketing or advertising. The $20,000 fund will present one $2,000 award per year.

The first award announcement is expected in May 2008. The Advertising Education Foundation of Houston (AEFH) and the charitable foundation of the American Advertising Federation of Houston (AAF-Houston) provided support for the establishment of the fund.

“Cathy and I established the Lopez Negrete Hispanic Marketing Education Fund to fuel and protect the future of our industry,” said Alex López Negrete, president and chief executive of Lopez Negrete Communications. “The greatest legacy we can leave behind is that of providing opportunity for the enrichment and training of the industry’s innovative minds of tomorrow. We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the leaders of tomorrow.”

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“I think it recognizes formally the Hispanic audience and the importance and need to grow professionals to help companies take advantage of one of the largest markets in the United States,” said Bill Courtney, chairman of AEFH. “We are lucky Lopez Negrete selected us and recognize Houston is an important area in this field. We have invited faculty and administrators of the participating universities to take part in identifying potential students who could qualify for the first Lopez Negrete Hispanic Marketing Education Fund scholarship to be awarded in the spring of 2008.”

The Lopez Negrete Hispanic Marketing Education Fund will award one annual scholarship to select recipients with strong potential for success in advertising, marketing, communications, radio/television, media studies, marketing research or other related fields. The scholarships will be available at four universities: University of Houston and St. Thomas University in Texas, Emerson College in Massachusetts and Florida State University in Florida.

“Our vision is to empower future advertising executives with the means to further their education and cultivate their passion for this industry. Allowing students the opportunity to grow in our environment is the best investment we can make. Ultimately they will be the ones who shape the future of our industry,” said Jay Janecek, chairman of AAF-Houston.

Scholarship recipients will be selected, along with scholarship recipients for other programs, by 15 individuals, mainly the AEFH Board of Directors and one representative from the Greater Houston Community Foundation. The guidelines for the Lopez Negrete Hispanic Marketing Education Fund scholarships were established by Alex and Cathy López Negrete.

Candidates for scholarships must have financial need; be of junior, senior or graduate standing; be focused in and with a specific interest in Hispanic marketing and advertising; and have a 3.25 grade point average in his or her major with a 2.75 overall grade point average. Students willing to participate in an internship at Lopez Negrete Communications will be favored.

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