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Listen to song – Chile DJ releases new album

Posted by Elena del Valle on December 24, 2007


DJ Bitman

Chilean DJ Bitman, formerly known as Bitman & Roban, released a new album and a radio single,“Shine,” recently featuring a mix of electronic, funk, hip hop, Latin and lounge music. In “Latin Bitman,” his music matches bilingual lyrics and Latin electronica.

The album follows the 2006 debut of “Musica Para Despues de Almuerzo,” which received airplay on t stations like Indie 103 and KCRW in Los Angeles, KEXP in Seattle and KUT in Austin. Since the release of “Musica Para Despues del Almuerzo,” and in the past year his music has appeared in EA Games’ FIFA 2007 video game and the “La Mujer de Mi Hermano” soundtrack.

DJ Bitman is José Antonio “Toto” Bravo. This is his first release as DJ Bitman, following three releases as Bitman & Roban, “Musica Para Despues del Almuerzo,” “Robar es Natural” in 2002 and “Hurtos” in 2000.

Click on the play button below to listen to DJ Bitman’s song “Shine” from the “Latin Bitman” album:

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