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Florida company expands Spanish language interactive content division

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 11, 2007

John Brier

John Brier, chief executive officer of Tinbu

Photo: Tinbu

Tinbu, a Pensacola, Florida based technology company, recently expanded its Spanish language interactive content division. Established in 2005, Tinbu uses patent-pending technology to create interactive turn-key modules used by online media groups to drive page views, repeat visitors, and advertising revenues. 

“We have seen explosive growth in the demand for our Spanish language content modules,” said John Brier, chief executive officer of Tinbu. “Our interactive lottery, horoscope, and swimsuit modules are driving millions of page views each month for our online media partners, and we are pleased to see Spanish language media groups benefiting from our patent-pending technology.”

Spanish language websites represent about 15 percent of the company’s business. Tinbu works with Spanish language online publishers AOL Latino, Quepasa, MSN Espanol, Tribune, Telemundo, and ABC Television.

Tinbu, which offers interactive Spanish language content modules for lottery, horoscope, and swimsuit models, plans to launch additional Spanish language content modules for weather, global soccer, flight tracking, gasoline pricing, finance, and entertainment, in the next two quarters. Brier estimates Tinbu technology reaches 20 million Spanish speakers in the United States.

Tinbu, LLC, and its wholly owned subsidiaries Gaming Solutions International, LLC, and CyberIntegrations, LLC, use patent pending technology to provide interactive data products to online and wireless companies. Tinbu is owned by Brier, Bin Tu, Wade Dawe, and Southbound Investments, Inc., a Canadian corporation. The name of the company is derived from Tu’s name.


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