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Automobile website developer Dealerskins offers Spanish language websites for Latinos

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 14, 2007

Dealerskins website

A Miami dealer page in Spanish 

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Photo: Dealerskins

Nashville, Tennessee – Dealerskins, an automobile web site developer based in Nashville, is introducing Spanish-language websites for dealers wishing to reach to target the fast-growing Spanish dominant Latino market. Although only 1 percent of the websites have content in Spanish, the company plans Spanish content for as much as 7 percent of websites.

The company relied on studies indicating that Hispanics’ online usage exceeds that of the general population including the AOL Latino 2006 Hispanic Cyberstudy. They point to the study’s findings that one third of Latinos visit automotive websites; Hispanic are expected to purchase 25 percent of cars in the next 20 years; and 60 percent of the participants in the study believed the Internet is the best source for auto information.

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“The U.S. Hispanic population is the fastest growing segment of Internet users, according to Jupiter Research. This group is currently underserved. Dealerskins wants to help ensure that Spanish language dealership sites are available for car buyers who prefer to visit sites in Spanish,” said Amanda Tossberg, marketing director, Dealerskins.        

The Latino oriented Dealerskins websites are expected to allow Spanish speakers to shop for new or used vehicles, obtain financing, make a service appointment, and buy parts or accessories in their native language. Dealerskins hired a company specializing in automotive marketing to Hispanics to assist with the development of Spanish language websites.

Founded in July of 2000, Dealerskins is a division of Dominion Enterprises that provides automotive dealers web solutions. Dominion Enterprises, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia is a media and information services company serving employment, real estate, automotive, recreation and industrial markets in the United States. The company has 6,600 employees nationwide and 2006 annual revenue of over $850 million.