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Hispanic worker confidence hits biggest drop in a year

Posted by Elena del Valle on July 26, 2007

Hispanic Workers Confidence Index 2006-07

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Graphic: Hudson Employment Index

Worker confidence among Hispanics zigzagged dramatically over the last year with the most significant drop in a year in June 2007. Although the national average for June 2007 also fell, the 8.8 points drop for Hispanics was more severe reaching 95 compared to 103 in June 2006, according to the monthly Hudson Employment Index SM. 

Worker confidence for African-Americans slumped, 5.8 points to register 88.2. The composite index, based on responses from 9,000 workers across races and ethnicities, also plunged in June, dropping 5.7 points to 101.2.  
Other noteworthy findings from the June The Hudson Employment Index for Hispanic workers include: There was a substantial 12 point increase in the number of workers worried about losing their job in June (30 percent); fewer workers rated their finances as “excellent” or “good” in June (35 percent) than in May (45 percent); and more workers reported being happy with their job in June (78 percent) than in May (72 percent).

The Hudson Employment IndexSM measures the worker confidence in the United States. Based on monthly telephone surveys with 9,000 U.S. workers, the Index tracks aggregate employment trends on career opportunities, hiring intentions, personal finances, and job satisfaction. The Index is designed to reflect the opinions of a diverse cross-section of employees, across career levels within many industries. Researchers focus mainly on employees views.

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