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Hispanic executive describes her formula for success in faith oriented book

Posted by Elena del Valle on July 20, 2007

Keeping the Faith cover

Keeping the Faith cover

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In Keeping the Faith How Applying Spiritual Purpose to Your Work Can Lead to Extraordinary Success (Rayo, $22.95), Ana Mollinedo Mims describes how she arrived in the United States as a Cuban immigrant and eventually thrived in the corporate world. In the book, meant for anyone who has a job or hopes to be employed, she proposes to the reader that each struggle becomes an opportunity to grow spiritually, develop a purpose and achieve professional success. She believes that the answers we seek will reveal themselves more clearly and lead us to satisfaction through a blending of faith and work.

“My book is about developing a relationship with God that will lead to understanding one’s purpose and calling. I rarely talk about where I go to church because what is important is having the relationship not where you go to church. My book is not written from a denominational perspective and applies to everyone and anyone that has or is interested in developing a relationship with God regardless of where they go to church. God is the God of all not just one race or culture and I believe loves us all equally,” said  Mollinedo Mims. “I was recently interviewed by Club 700 Hoy, the Hispanic version of the 700 Club and the response there was awesome. There are not many Hispanics, and specifically female Hispanics for the matter speaking about faith and how it applies to the workplace and to career development. So the response from all has been very rewarding.”

In Keeping the Faith, Mollinedo Mims, chief corporate communication officer, Cable & Wireless, Americas & Caribbean, discusses seven principles, faith, integrity, humility, prayer, forgiveness, stewardship, and legacy. The 256-page hardcover book is divided into three parts: Rebirth, Principles of the Spirit Led Career and On Reflection.

Mollinedo Mims has held executive positions with Fortune 500 companies and non profit organizations in strategic development, communications, media and corporate relations, government and investor relations, and website design. Prior to working with Cable & Wireless, she was global vice president of communications, Community Affairs & Diversity for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Keeping the Faith cover 

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