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NHLI to hold leadership event for women in Orlando June 27

Posted by Elena del Valle on June 26, 2007

Marisa Rivera Albert 

 Marisa Rivera-Albert, president, NHLI

Photos: National Hispana Leadership Institute

The National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI) will offer a morning leadership seminar, “Latina Empowerment Conference,” for Hispanic women in Orlando June 27, 2007. Admission to the half day event costs $30.

NHLI President Marisa Rivera-Albert will open the program with “Preparing Latinas for Leadership Positions,” a discussion about the National Hispana Leadership Institute. Zulma X. Barrios, L.H.D., a presenter from The Gallup Organization, will dedicate two hours to “The Seven Demands of Leadership.” She will discuss leadership demands she believes are essential for Latinas to master: Visioning, Maximizing Values, Challenging Experience, Mentoring, Building a Constituency, Making Sense of Experience and Knowing Self.  

Lizette Valarino

Lizette Valarino, assistant, Orange County mayor

Following her presentation there will be a panel discussion, “Latinas Sharing Their Secrets of Success.” Panel members are: Betty Lowery, manager, Minority Business Development, Walt Disney World; Mercedes McCall, Florida Region executive, Banco Popular; Milce Snyder, agent, State Farm Insurance Companies; and Lizette Valarino, assistant to the Orange County mayor. The conference is sponsored by State Farm, Wal-Mart, and Walt Disney World.   

Founded in 1987, the National Hispana Leadership Institute promotes leadership for Hispanic women. Its mission is “to develop Hispanas as ethical world leaders through training, professional development, relationship building, community and world activism.”  

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