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Publisher pursues elusive demographic with men’s magazine in Spanish

Posted by Elena del Valle on June 7, 2007

H para Hombres cover June 2007

H para Hombres June 2007 cover

Photo: Maya Magazines

In August 2006, Mexican publisher Notmusa, S.A. sought out the highly coveted demographic of affluent young men in the United States by launching H para Hombres, a 200-page monthly magazine targeting Spanish dominant and bilingual Latino men between 18 and 34. To win over the growing masculine audience, they dedicated 60 percent of the magazine’s content to lifestyle, sex and relationships.

Editorial articles also feature beautiful women, entertainment, fashion, sports, gadgets and trends. The profile of the reader they seek is a young and cultivated “slightly mischievous” man. Verena Bormann, assisted by Alfredo Cedillo, is in charge of editorial content.


H para Hombres April 2007 cover

H para Hombres was initially launched in 2000 in Mexico where it now has a circulation of 350,000 and an estimated reach of 1.4 million readers. In the United States, the magazine’s circulation is 55,000 with an estimated pass over rate of 4.5 placing reach at just under a quarter million readers. It is available in the Los Angeles, California; Houston and San Antonio, Texas; New York City; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; and Miami, Florida markets.

According to promotional materials, the majority of the magazine’s readers are high school or college graduates and 45 percent own a home. Sixty seven percent of the readership is Spanish dominant, 22 percent are bilingual and 11 percent are English dominant. More than 60 percent earn $60,000 or more a year.

Notmusa has been in business for 51 years in Latin America. Other publications in its roster include Veintitantos, Ser Mama, and Notas Para Ti. In the United States, where it is represented by Miami Beach based Maya Magazines, its first publication was TVnotasUSA.