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Jose Marti Publishing Awards recognize NAHP member publications

Posted by Elena del Valle on May 29, 2007

National Association of Hispanic Publications Jose Marti Awards

 National Association of Hispanic Publications
Jose Marti Publishing Awards

Photo:  National Association of Hispanic Publications

Scottsdale, Arizona – The National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) presented 163 awards to members for their excellence in print during this year’s José Martí Publishing Awards at the organization’s 25 anniversary celebration.

More than 700 entries in six categories were received from more than 50 member publications across the United States. The awards are named after José Martí, a Cuban journalist and poet.

According to a company spokesman, only NAHP active members in good standing can participate in the contest regardless of the publication language. Online publications are not eligible to become NAHP members and are illegible for the Jose Marti Awards. 

“The José Martí Publishing Awards are very special to our industry. They honor excellence in publishing as our members continue to lead the growth in Hispanic print media in the U.S.,” said Clara Padilla-Andrews, president, NAHP. “Our members put out daily, weekly or monthly publications that are on a par with general market media, but with one difference, they speak directly to the Latinos living in the United States.”

This year’s award categories were General Excellence, Outstanding Sections, Written Word, Outstanding Design, Outstanding Photos and Cartoons, and Outstanding Marketing Materials. The cost of submission ranged between $30 dollars per entry for publications with a circulation under 30,000 per week and $60 dollars per entry for publications with a circulation of 60,001 copies or more per week.

This year’s judges were Nancy Ayala, editor, Marketing & Medios; Hugo Balta, news director, Telemundo; Jose Bayona, assistant editor, Hora Hispana; Christopher Campos, executive vice president, GlobalHue; Michael Gomez, executive vice president of Marketing for Master Card clients; Neil Porter, associate publisher, Medico y Familia; Carolina Gonzalez, professor, John Jay College; and Jorge Ulla, creative director, D exposito y Associados.

According to the organization’s website, the National Association of Hispanic Publications, Inc. (NAHP, Inc.) is a non profit trade advocacy organization representing Hispanic print publications in the United States serving 41 markets in 39 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, with a combined circulation of over 14 million. In the past two years the association has grown by more than 100 percent and represents 175 publications.

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