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Commentary: Center for Immigration Studies exposes itself in public

Posted by Elena del Valle on March 21, 2007

By Patrick Osio, Jr.
Editor, HispanicVista and columnist, San Diego Metropolitan Magazine

Patrick Osio, Jr.

Patrick Osio, Jr.

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), at what was dubbed a “think tank” conference on January 26th to review immigration issues promoted in part by San Diego University’s Trans-Border Institute (TBI), called on the Department of Homeland Security to use eminent domain to purchase from half-mile to a mile of land along the US-Mexico border, and demolish the buildings to create a “border security zone” to “insulate ourselves” from Mexico.

Krikorian’s bizarre ideas would demolish San Ysidro, and Otay Mesa, in San Diego. Do away with much of Calexico in Imperial Valley, California; Nogales, Arizona, El Paso, Laredo, Brownsville and numerous smaller border towns in Texas. 

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