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Listen to podcast – Peruvian singer Mariadela to launch first single in March

Posted by Elena del Valle on February 19, 2007


Peruvian singer Mariadela

Photo: Mariadela

Miami, Florida  – Peruvian singer Mariadela is planning to release her first single, “En Silencio” (In Silence) March 2007 in Miami, Florida. Born in Lima, Peru Mariadela spent the majority of her childhood in the land of the Incas. She now resides in the U.S. At a young age Mariadela took music lessons and later learned to play the instrument that is her eternal partner, the guitar. 

“My dream is that everyone will listen and enjoy my music as much as I do,” said Mariadela.

Mariadela composed the song “En Silencio” and two tracks on the single by the same title. Her songs are described as offering a journey along a range of emotions. She begins with “Busca Tu Voz” (search for your voice) in which she encourages listeners to look inside themselves for positive emotions. Mariadela strives to inspire listeners with upbeat songs.

In the ballad “En Silencio” she sings about a secret romance. “Tengo” (I have), the third track of the upcoming single EP, is described as a sweet and modern bolero representing true love.

Producer Carlo Magno, who has worked with musicians like Tamara, Ruben Blades, Chayanne, Aterciopelados, and AliCastro, supervised the production of her songs. SGM Records will represent the singer during the launching of her single in March 2007.  More information about Mariadela is available at

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