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San Diego online grocer specializes in Mexican food, cooking products

Posted by Elena del Valle on February 14, 2007

Nacho Hernandez Jr. and Ignacio Hernandez of 

Nacho Hernandez Jr. and Ignacio Hernandez of

Photo: has a solution for home sick Mexicans and Mexican food lovers. The online grocery store sells Mexican food products and ingredients to over 12,000 cities in the 50 states and recently consolidated operations.

The San Diego based distributor’s website offers 1,200 hard-to-find, non-perishable Mexican food items, household products, cooking tips, Mexican recipes and Mexican cookbooks. was founded by Ignacio Hernandez and Nacho Hernandez Jr. in 2000.

“This is just one of several important changes we will be implementing in 2007 to provide our consumers with a much better service level and product offering,” said Ignacio Hernandez, president,

Shopping categories on the website are Beverages, Canned Foods, Rice-Beans-Pasta, Ingredients, Desserts, Mexican Candy, Snacks & Cookies, Chili Peppers, Hot Sauces, Salsas & Mole, Spices & Herbs, Tortillas & Tamales, Mexican Food, Foodservice Mexican, Household & Religious Items, Cooking Utensils, Mexican Food, Cookbooks, Gift Certificates, and Gourmet Food Store.

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