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New presentation on Hispanic market translations available on HispanicMPR

Posted by Elena del Valle on January 30, 2007

Martha E. Galindo 

Martha E. Galindo, president and CEO of Galindo Publicidad Inc.

Photo: Martha E. Galindo

An audio recording titled “Hispanic Market Translation Issues,” a presentation and unabridged audio interview with Martha E. Galindo, president and CEO of Galindo Publicidad Inc., is available on Hispanic Marketing and Public In “Hispanic Market Translation Issues,” the 20-year translations veteran discusses translations and the related issues marketing and communications professionals should be aware of when targeting U.S. Hispanics. She also delves deeply into translation issues during a discussion with Elena del Valle, host of the Podcast. The downloadable presentation is available in an MP3 format for $109.95. It can also be purchased in audio CDs for $129.95.

“Professional translations used to be a ‘luxury’ that only certain firms could afford. The growth of the Hispanic population in the United States has changed the way we do business in this country, whether you are targeting the Hispanic population or not. A clear example of this reality is that the United States Post Office uses bilingual (English and Spanish) materials for many of the services they offer regardless of the destination of that piece of mail,” said María Rivera, director of Hispanic Projects, Simmons Research. “Professional translations are now a necessity for any business trying to effectively reach the Hispanic/Latino population in the U.S. and that is a challenge I face every single day.”

During the audio recordings, Galindo discussed the importance and role of translations when producing promotional materials targeting Hispanics; what makes a good translator; the difference between interpreters and translators; when and how to hire professional translators; the importance of hiring a certified translator and who certifies translators; reverse translations and why they are important; machine translations; terminology glossaries and a number of other translation issues.

“Hispanic business leaders have the responsibility to become more knowledgeable about the trade-offs and risks they take when they settle for ‘cheap.’ I wish more Hispanic business developers understood that professional translations are an investment and that reluctance to use their services is leaving the door wide open for competitors to take the lead. Don’t underestimate the value of professional translation services. What you say and how you say it is representative of your organization in any language!” according to Rivera.

Galindo is a native of Mexico with more than 20 years of experience. She holds a Masters in Communications from Michigan State University and has experience in marketing communications, organizational development and international customer service with companies in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Galindo discussed translations issues during a recent HispaniMPR podcast. Click here for the Martha E. Galindo podcast. 

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“Hispanic Market Translation Issues” audio recording

Martha E. Galindo

Presenter Martha E. Galindo

Certified translator and translation company owner Martha E. Galindo explains why it’s important to reach your clients in language to convey your message effectively. She walks you through the ins and outs of translations issues, how to select a translator, what to expect, how to save on translation costs and much more.

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