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El Diario La Prensa is fastest growing in New York

Posted by Elena del Valle on December 13, 2006


Rossana Rosado

Rossana Rosado, publisher and CEO, El Diario La Prensa

New York, New York – El Diario La Prensa, a leading Spanish language newspaper in New York, had an increase in circulation of 5.8 percent daily and 8.4 percent on Sunday, as reported by the Fas-Fax Sept. 2006 statement. Additionally, El Diario’s daily readership experienced an extraordinary year over year growth rate of 25 percent, based on Scarborough Research 2006 R1. According to promotional materials, this gives El Diario La Prensa the highest circulation and readership growth rate of any major New York newspaper.

As of September 2006, El Diario La Prensa had paid circulation of 53,090 copies daily, up from 50,151 in September 2005, and 36,712 copies on Sunday, up from 33,859. The paper has over 266,000 daily readers, according to Scarborough.

“While the newspaper industry in general is experiencing slow or even negative growth, and some general market papers have plunged, our daily and Sunday circulation increases are a testament to our 93-year tradition of journalistic excellence,” said Rossana Rosado, publisher and CEO of El Diario La Prensa. “It’s also a function of our deep knowledge of the needs and desires of the expanding Latino community, our prize-winning journalism and our strong focus on product innovation.”

“These numbers indicate how vibrant our media vehicle is for both local and national advertisers,” said Jorge Ayala, El Diario La Prensa’s general sales director. “In the current media environment, reporting jumps in circulation above 5 percent and 8 percent and readership growth above 25 percent is an amazing indication of the vitality of our publication and our market.”

Established in 1913, El Diario La Prensa is one of the oldest Spanish language newspaper in the U.S. The paper features coverage of local, national and international news as well as human-interest stories, politics, business, health, entertainment and sports.