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HispanicMPR.com podcasts available on mobile phones via VoiceIndigo

Posted by Elena del Valle on June 16, 2006

John Mayerhofer 

John Mayerhofer, CEO, VoiceIndigo

Photo: VoiceIndigo

HispanicMPR.com podcast enthusiasts now have the opportunity to listen to podcasts on their mobile phones thanks to VoiceIndigo, a mobile distribution service for podcasts. HispanicMPR.com is available for download on VoiceIndigo’s website along with BBC, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, and six other Hispanic market oriented podcast programs. The distribution service enables different phone brands to deliver audio podcasts to mobile phones, including those sold within the last two years.

“The ability to get a podcast is a powerful tool for Hispanic community to stay connected and get news and programming not offered through other channels,” said John Mayerhofer, CEO for VoiceIndigo. “Cell phones are much more common, while not everyone has a computer. We think podcasting is a powerful form of openmedia. The cellphone is a popular device and it’s the only way a podcast can be as popular as radio.”

VoiceIndigo has more than 1.7 billion subscribers and was among the 2006 OnHollywood 100 list of top private digital entertainment and media innovators in the world. The company has worked with AT&T Wireless, Virgin Mobile, The Interpublic Group, Ogilvy & Mather, Infoseek, Apple, Yahoo!, Napster, and BroadVision.

Mobile phone podcast enthusiasts can register for free on the Voice Indigo website, where they can listen to HispanicMPR.com podcasts as well as others from their desktop by getting a personalized account and from their mobile phone by using a VoiceIndigo mobile application or clicking a button next to specific episodes. A digital audio capable phone is required to activate VoiceIndigo.

Phones that have the capability include Motorola RAZR(Cingular/T-Mobile), Samsung A900/A920 (Sprint), Treo 650/700w (all carriers), Nokia 6230, 6102, and 6682 (Cingular/T-Mobile). To take advantage of the service, users will need a data plan from their mobile carrier. They can also use Palm OS and Windows Mobile mobile devices.  It’s also possible to enjoy VoiceIndigo by listening to podcasts on any WiFi enabled PDA, laptop, or MediaCenter PC without a separate mobile client. Additional information is available online at VoiceIndigo.com  — Sergio Carmona