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New title published on selling to Hispanics

Posted by Elena del Valle on March 23, 2006

Selling to Latinos cover

Selling to Latinos by Andrew Erlich, Ph.D.

A new book, Selling to Latinos: The Bridge to Understanding (Multi-cultural Publications, $39.95) was recently published. It was authored by Andrew Erlich, Ph.D., cross-cultural psychologist, multi-ethnic market research pioneer and the founder of Erlich Transcultural Consultants (ETC). The 192-page hardbound book was published by a division of ETC and is available for purchase on the company website.

The author’s goal is to provide sales professionals with in-depth cultural understanding and ethnic awareness to facilitate their efforts in the rapidly growing U.S. Latino markets.  Dr. Erlich explains to readers how to differentiate generations of Hispanics by their connection to their culture as well as how and why Hispanic culture has shaped the prospect’s approach to a sales transaction. Stressing that sales staff don’t need to speak Spanish to understand the culture, the author shares examples of how to make the customer comfortable in various sales settings.

A member of the advisory board for Urban Call, a trade magazine for retailers, Dr. Erlich has appeared on local, national and international Spanish-language radio and television shows. He has more than 20 years of experience in transcultural marketing research, consultation, organizational development and cultural competency training. As president of ETC he oversees the firm’s business, moderates Spanish-language and general market focus groups, and leads cultural competency training sessions.

Dr. Erlich is an active member of the National Speakers Association, The Speakers Academy and the Arizona Speakers Association. He has written articles for Marketing News, Quirk’s Market Research Review, the Journal of Marketing and International Business magazine. Raised in El Paso, Texas, he is English-Spanish bilingual. Dr. Erlich, a cum laude History graduate of the University of Texas, received an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.