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NAHP Welcomes nonHispanic Publishers

Posted by Elena del Valle on December 20, 2005

Lupita Colmenero

Lupita Colmenero, NAHP president

A change in the bylaws by the National Association of Hispanic Publications, Inc. (NAHP), with respect to Spanish and bilingual publications who are not Hispanic-owned, creates an opportunity for these publications to join as active General Members. This organizational change will allow all publications serving the Hispanic community and meeting other good business standards to be admited as General Members on a par with Hispanic-owned publications.

"In a country where there is a free market economy, we cannot stop the creation of media companies who intend to enter the burgeoning Hispanic market, especially when they represent a source of employment for Hispanics, for those who have great editorial talent and for those with specialized drive in advertising or graphic design," said Lupita Colmenero, president of the NAHP.

According to NAHP, the admission of these publications as members is subject to Hispanic community sensitivities and industry good practices, such as having a majority of Hispanic employees and a Hispanic editor. The publication also must be audited. Publications that do not meet these requirements can become Associate members.

"The unanimous decision was taken in Dallas, Texas during an NAHP board of directors meeting. The NAHP is the leading media advocacy group of its kind in the United States with a mission to promote the excellence, recognition and use of Hispanic publications and provide access to professional development opportunities to better serve and empower Hispanic communities," said Colmenero.

"The core of the amendment will allow non-Hispanic owned publications to become active members. It was an on-going request and desire of these associate publications. Independent of the decision of the board of directors, the very act of putting this topic on the table for discussion was a major step forward for the organization. It was our historical responsibility," said Jose Luis B. Garza, vice president for membership of NAHP. 

The National Association of Hispanic Publications is the largest organization representing Hispanic publications at the national level. NAHP Inc. works with more than 200 member and affiliated publications that share a combined circulation of more than 10 million. Its member publications reach more than 50 percent of Hispanic households in 55 U.S. markets every week. NAHP provides professional tools to assist Hispanic publications to more effectively reach their readership.  More information at NAHP