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Study Reveals Hispanic Techonology Preferences

Posted by Elena del Valle on December 15, 2005

TV, TV-related Technology Preferred by Hispanics
— Entertainment Devices Preferred To PCs, DCs —

According to a recent GfK NOP Hispanic OmniTel™ Technology survey Hispanic Americans are "living large," as in large screen TV. When asked about which consumer electronics they currently own, Hispanic Americans were more likely than the population in general to claim ownership of big ticket items such as large screen (32 inches or larger) TVs. In contrast, Hispanic Americans are less likely to own PCs and DCs (digital cameras) than the general population.

Hispanics Prefer TV, Entertainment-Related Technology

Among those surveyed, almost half (42%) say they own a large screen TV, compared to only a third (33%) of the general population. Ownership levels of other TV-related items are also higher among Hispanic Americans than the general population, including HD or high definition TV sets (19% vs. 14%), Plasma TVs (12% vs. 4%) and digital video recorder (DVR) systems, such as TIVO (22% vs. 16%).

"These survey results are consistent with our earlier research which shows Hispanic Americans tend to rely more heavily on television as an information source than other Americans," notes Bruce Barr, vice president, Omnibus Services for GfK NOP. "Given the importance of television as a resource for information among Hispanics, it’s not surprising that ownership rates for items like big screen and high definition TVs are higher than for the population at large."

The survey also found that Hispanic Americans tend to adopt entertainment-related technology more quickly than consumers in the general population. Specifically, Hispanics are more likely than other Americans to own other entertainment-related hi-tech devices such as video gaming systems (48% vs. 43%), MP3 players such as iPods (18% vs. 16%) and even, to a lesser extent, satellite radios (9% vs. 6%). 

Hispanic Americans Less Likely To Own PCs, DCs

In contrast, Hispanic Americans are slower to embrace computer-based technologies than their general market counterparts. For example, only two-fifths (43%) of Hispanic Americans claim to own a personal computer or laptop, as compared to three-fifths of the general population (59%). Consequently, Hispanics are "online" less than other Americans (41% vs. 58%) and tend to choose a dial up connection to access the Internet over a high-speed modem or DSL. 

Among Americans in general, however, the Internet access tool of choice is split evenly between dial-up and high speed. Hispanic Americans are also less likely than the general population to own Digital Cameras (39% vs. 46%), DVD players (62% vs. 71%), Cell phones (59% vs. 63%) and even VCRs (64% vs. 74%).

"Potential growth markets can be measured by what items are cited for future purchase intent," notes Barr. "Key products in this segment among Hispanic Americans are those found to be below those levels reportedly owned by the general population. Specifically, digital cameras, cell phones and camcorders all show a trend towards higher purchase plans in the next 12 months relative to the general population. TV and TV-related products, such as large screen TVs, Plasma and HD TVs, DVRs, video game systems and Home Theatre Systems also show future purchase intent levels among Hispanics that outstrip the population as a whole. Marketers representing these product lines would be keen to leverage their Hispanic marketing efforts to gain a competitive edge."

GfK NOP World’s Hispanic OmniTel is a monthly survey of the Hispanic American market that represents Hispanic American adults nationwide. The survey offers a way to understand trends and issues relating to this rapidly-growing market. The Technology Study was conducted in October 2005 among 500 Hispanic Americans aged 18 and older nationwide via telephone. Respondents were given the choice of completing the survey in English and Spanish. 

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