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Five Basic Steps to Reach Largest U.S. Minority

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 13, 2005

Marketing priorities have shifted across America following the U.S. 2000 Census. More than ever, marketing experts have become aware that it is necessary to understand and take special steps to make an impression on minorities and influence their behavior effectively.  This is especially true with Latino audiences, whose combined buying power is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2008. For years Hispanic marketers have relied on language proficiency to determine their marketing strategies. English language materials are often translated to Spanish as the sole means to reach the growing Hispanic population in the U.S. 

Extensive research and years of practical applications indicate reaching U.S. Latinos effectively requires much more than translations. Many experts agree that cultural understanding and market segmenting are essential marketing tools. Hispanics are diverse and from many backgrounds, races, countries of origin, political and religious beliefs.  Latino subgroups have spread across the nation and expanded their spheres of influence in countless areas. Following are five steps marketers, communicators, entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone else wishing to tap into this increasingly profitable market can take to improve the impact of their outreach campaign:

Acknowledge the diversity of the U.S. Latino markets
Identify which segment(s) of the market you wish to reach (for example, first, second, third generation)
Determine the characteristics of the targeted segment (such as age, area of residence, income level, language fluency)

Collaborate with market experts to identify specific strategies and tactics

Formulate in-language and in-culture marketing and communication strategies specific to the targeted segment

This information was drawn from Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations Understanding and Targeting America’s Largest Minority (Poyeen Publishing, $49.95).   To learn more about reaching U.S. Latinos effectively, visit . For review copy requests, email