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Univision Radio Miami Launches La Jungla en La Kalle

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 26, 2005


La Jungla en la Kalle Hosts

Miami, Florida– Univision Radio Miami launched a new morning show for La Kalle 98.3 FM, La Jungla en La Kalle, which includes the humor and charisma of Miguel “El Flaco” Gonzalez, Jesus Salas and Alberto Sardiñas. The high-energy “wild boys” plan to transform morning radio into “a jungle of original and interactive entertainment that best mirrors South Florida’s vibrant and diverse nature.” WRTO La Kalle 98.3 FM’s music mix primarily features mainstream Reggaeton hits with a blend of top Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Latin Pop. La Kalle executives hope the program’s combination of rhythms positions the station as innovative and cutting-edge in the marketplace.

More information at, Uniclave: La Kalle 98.3