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Latin Rocker Elan Releases New Album “London Express”

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 2, 2005

Latin rocker Elan releases the follow-up to her breakthrough debut album "Street Child", which featured guest appearances by Grammy Award Winning guitarist Slash (Velvet Revolver & Guns N Roses), Grammy Award Winner and Beck producer Brian Paulson, David Immergluck of The Counting Crows, legendary Mexican composer/arranger and former Herb Alpert, Paul Anka musical director and Latin Grammy Nominee Eugenio Toussaint, Alan Weatherhead of Sparklehorse and mixed by Grammy Award Winning engineer Jeff "The Pirate" Poe (Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Santana).

"With the release of ‘Street Child, Elan fans brought down three national servers in Central and South America with e-mail requests for her first single, ‘Midnight’, jamming phone lines in most radio stations for days on end…" reported Rafael Villareal. "Midnight" smashed English language radio play records, gaining the top spot on the charts and not relinquishing its position for up to twenty weeks in some Latin American territories.

Also awarded the Rolling Stone En Español "People’s Choice Awards" in 2004, for "Best new Latin Artist" and "Best Latin Solo Artist" Elan had four top ten videos on MTV Latin America, Telehit, MTV Australia and Channel V. Upon its release to Australian radio (released through Festival Mushroom Records), "Midnight" was the second most added track, across the boards, all formats, nationwide (second only to Eminem).

The Mexican born singer/songwriter made a name for herself by being the first internationally

successful Latin American independent artist as well as the first female Latina to begin her career with an English language album written completely on her own.