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4th Annual Marketing Foods and Beverages to the Hispanic Consumer

Posted by Elena del Valle on May 6, 2005

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July 25-26, 2005 · Chicago · Omni Ambassador East

With Hispanic-American buying power expected to reach almost $1 trillion in the next five years, ignoring the many segments in this market – or marketing to them incorrectly – could cost you millions of dollars in missed opportunities.

Smart food and beverage companies are capitalizing on the increasing Hispanic spending power by developing and marketing products specifically for the Hispanic consumer by taking into consideration their culture and values. Food and beverage companies, as well as advertising agencies and the media, are striving to gain insight into the purchasing behaviors of the Hispanic consumer and are rethinking their general marketing strategies to capture their piece of this evolving market.

This event will bring together and showcase the insights and strategies of some of the leading and most successful Hispanic marketers and product development professionals for and from food and beverage manufacturers, retailers, foodservice, and restaurants.

Hear case study-driven perspectives from leading experts. Discover how:

• Knorr successfully reaches out to the acculturated Hispanic consumer in a relevant fashion without alienating their core un-acculturated consumer
• Tampico Beverages built a brand leader in the Hispanic market on a small budget
• Trinidad Benham partnered with Heinrich Hispanidad to successfully create culturally relevant product names and packaging concepts to increase product awareness and sales
• Diageo North America, Inc. uses event marketing and PR to promote its premium Scotch whisky brands
• Kraft Foods Global, Inc. details how the right strategic alliance expands to retail
• Pathmark Stores, Inc. developed and executed a comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy to connect with the Hispanic consumer

Learn specific tools and techniques needed to reach this Hispanic market. Learn how to:
• Examine the value of targeted consumer research and how findings impact product development and translate into effective packaging and graphic design elements
• Identify the critical success factors for the creation of an effective brand that resonates with the targeted consumer
• Build an internal infrastructure necessary to sustain a multi-cultural effort
• Reach an appropriate positioning that will appeal to the tastes and preferences of Hispanic consumers
• Craft a marketing program to reach the acculturated Hispanic, while maintaining continuity of the existing platform and relevancy to the un-acculturated Hispanic
• Understand the thought processes that lead to successful decision making and partnership between client and agency as they focus on the evolution of their U.S. Hispanic marketing programs

Leading food and beverage companies who participated in our previous events:

Hormel Foods ▪ Labatt USA ▪ Pepsi Cola North America ▪  Masterfoods USA ▪ Bueno Foods ▪  Nestle USA ▪ Jugos del Valle ▪ Domino Foods ▪ Sara Lee Coffee & Tea Consumer Brands ▪ Morningstar Goods ▪ Fiesta Mart ▪ Shaw’s Supermarkets ▪ Dole Packaged Foods ▪ Dr. Pepper Seven Up ▪ Agrilink Foods ▪ Minute Maid International ▪ Kehe Foods

Don’t overlook this rapidly growing market segment. Learn how to capture your share of the Hispanic consumer’s heart, mind and wallet. 

Register 3 and the 4th is free.

Program and registration details: call 1-800-647-7600 or log onto http://www.worldrg.com/fw562