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Hispanic Community Oriented Broadcasters Offered More Programming Options

Posted by Elena del Valle on May 3, 2005

  Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–May 3, 2005–In response to the lack of diverse programming currently available on Spanish television in the United States, the founders of Veranda secured US television distribution rights for the largest collection of programs and movies available to non affiliated Spanish language broadcast stations and cable networks in the United States. With many of the programs shown exclusively on Televisa in Mexico, Veranda will present the entire catalog to the US market for the first time.

Veranda’s content catalog targets the entire demographic spectrum – from Bulbo, an urban program made for Mexican youth by Mexican youth, to a prestigious collection of classical Mexican film features, a significant collection of documentaries and biographies produced by Clio, cartoons and an extensive sports series.

 Prominent in Veranda’s line-up is the introduction of Clio, “Mexico Siglo XXI,” which marks the first and only distribution to U.S. television of first-rate documentaries well-known throughout Mexico and Latin America. The catalog spans entertainment, politics, history and sports and showcases popular biographies of iconic Hispanic figures from cinema, music, art and politics — similar to A&E or The History Channel – and documentaries on pivotal events in Mexico’s history, such as the Mexican Revolution. Well-known and respected in Mexico, Clio is owned by historian/publisher Enrique Krauze, who is an editor of the literary magazine Letras Libres, and recently inducted into the Colegio Nacional, the highest award for an academic in Mexico. Clio’s primary goal under Krauze is to use current broadcast technology to re-create and revive the past. TV Informa, a new Spanish television group and a division of Lotus Communications, has made the first commitment to broadcast the Clio programs in Houston, Phoenix and Tampa.

Another significant Veranda offering is an omnibus of over 225 important Mexican films, from classic to first-rate pop culture offerings, including selections from the superstar comedian Cantinflas, the beloved Sara Garcia “Mexico’s grandmother” and the influential Luis Bunel. Veranda is also poised to distribute a slate of one-hour popular sports shows, “Hazana el Deporte Vive,” to U.S. Spanish audiences. The series emphasizes “color” highlights from soccer, boxing, wrestling, car racing, baseball and bullfighting.

Additionally, Veranda will be re-introducing animation produced by Hannah Barbera studios, “The Cantinflas Show.” The 106 classic cartoons feature the humor of iconic Mexican performer Cantinflas visiting historic figures and places, which can aid in satisfying a station’s FCC kid friendly broadcast requirements. Veranda Distribution is a recently formed syndication company whose goal is to bring diversity and intelligent programming to Spanish television broadcasters in the United States.