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Book White Tortilla: Lessons of Ethnic Diversity and Tolerance

Posted by Elena del Valle on March 5, 2005

A second generation Mexican-American, recounts his life and the lessons of growing up in an ethnically diverse neighborhood. Concurrently, he focuses on the dilemma of those he labels “White Tortillas,” Americans caught in their own purgatory of ambivalence, unable to “fit in” with either their native or the dominant cultural society.

 (PRLEAP.COM) The book took on a larger role and meaning as his term the “White Tortilla” took hold. “This is a book for the ‘hyphens’ of America,” says Diaz. “Whether Mexican-American, Italian-American, Chinese-American, or so on, this book relates a common story of determination in the midst of stereotyping, bigotry and discrimination.” More