Thursday, June 20, 2024

Job Ad Placement

Posted by Elena del Valle on June 18, 2024

Welcome to the HispanicMPR Job Ads page!

If you’re looking for a job, scroll down to see job ads. If you want to place an ad, see the next paragraph.

How to place an ad (if you visited this page before August 2022, please read this again as the instructions have changed).

Ads must list an employment opportunity or employment search related to business, Hispanic marketing, communication, public relations, media, events planning or other job fields.

Cost for one Job Ad: $200

The first 50 words and company logo (a jpg file maximum size 100 x 100) will appear on the Job Ads main page. If your ad has more than 50 words, the words “click to read the entire ad” will appear at the end of the 50 words with a hyperlink to the remaining text. See below for sample ads beginning November 24, 2021.

The Job Ad includes the option of a company logo. In addition you may request removal of the Job Ad up to 3 months after placement provided you indicate the removal week at the time you place the Job Ad. Job Ads with Removal will be noted as such. If you submit the Job Ad and payment without indicating a removal date we will select the removal week. Requests at a later date must be made by the person who placed the original Job Ad and will incur a removal fee.

For your convenience you can pay online.

Step One Pay for the ad using the button below

Step Two After you submit payment send the ad text and logo within a week of payment in a Word or Office file or in the body of the message by email to . If you’re submitting a Job Ad with jpg logo submit the job ad and graphic jpg logo at the same time. The jpg logo should be an attachment. Job Ads are nonrefundable.

Please submit copy in regular fonts with standard capitalization. Formatting is removed as part of publishing process for the first 50 words. Ads are published in black. Note: text in all caps, underline, extra bold or with special fonts or characters is not accepted in the first 50 words text. Text in all caps, special fonts or characters are not accepted. Job Ads with Removal will state that at the advertiser’s request the Job Ad will be removed and the month of removal.

Ads will be published within a week (working days) and usually much sooner in the Job Ads section of our website. In the event we make a mistake in the publishing process we must receive notification with 48 hours of publication.

Note: Once submitted or published Job Ads may not be edited or modified in any way. The only exception is the Job Ad removal option which must be requested at the same time as the Job Ad. Job Ads with Removal will be removed within 2 weeks of the requested date.

Thank you!

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