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The ultimate – Adding emotions to your brand

Posted by Elena del Valle on February 7, 2007

By Jay Gronlund, vice president and managing director, Latin Pulse USA
Mario Quiñones, president, Latin Pulse

Mario Quiñones 

Mario Quiñones, president, Latin Pulse


 Jay Gronlund, vice president and managing director, Latin Pulse USA

Photo: Elena del Valle

As the world of marketing becomes more complex and demanding, marketers are focusing more on emotional branding to distinguish their product/brand.  Emotional connections are vitally important in creating brand loyalty. The critical challenge for today’s marketers is twofold: how to make your brand come alive with more specific, meaningful emotions; and how to test the emotional appeal of your brand and key marketing initiatives.

Why Emotional Connections are So Important for Branding

During the past 25 years, social psychologists in neuroscience have researched the emotional foundation of human behavior, concluding that brand decisions are related primarily to our senses and emotions, which are much more important than rational thinking or the appeal of functional benefits.

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