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¿Se habla español? Understanding the culture before trying to connect with it

Posted by Elena del Valle on July 12, 2006

By Steve Cody, chairman of the PRSA Counselors Academy and managing partner, Peppercom and Stephanie Chaney, junior account executive, Peppercom

Steve Cody hmprStephanieChaney.jpg

Steve Cody and Stephanie Chaney from Peppercom

Photo: Peppercom

Demographers predict by the year 2050 Hispanics will account for 24 percent of the population.  They’re already a majority in California, where they represent 32 percent of the state’s residents.  And Hispanics are not only growing in numbers, but in political and financial power as well.

So what does this mean to the PR industry?

The public relations industry is experiencing a growing demand from clients who want to reach the Hispanic markets.  The number of bilingual public relations campaigns is steadily increasing.  To be successful – and not embarrassed – PR firms need to be sensitive about how they develop and implement their Hispanic campaigns.

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