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Hispanic overview part of university’s first multicultural marketing course

Posted by Elena del Valle on May 15, 2006

Nancy Hernandez 

Nancy Hernandez, president and founder, Abrazo Multicultural Marketing

Photos: Abrazo Multicultural Marketing, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc.

The University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee-IDEAL (Institute for Diversity Education & Leadership) got a taste of multicultural marketing when it held the New York University based course “Marketing to the New Majority: How to Reach the Multicultural Consumer” for the first time on May 5 with a successful turnout.  Multicultural marketing experts, including two Hispanic guest speakers, provided overviews of different marketing groups. They discussed trends, methods, and approaches for the 35 registered participants, most of them marketing professionals or nonprofessionals looking to get a grasp on the subject.
“There were more people registered than anticipated. The speakers were well-received. There was good feedback and a high level of presentation and interaction with the class,” said Lisa Skriloff, president, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc., and instructor for the course.

Lisa Skriloff

Lisa Skriloff, president, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc.

One of the popular discussions was “Hispanic Market Overview, Hispanic Marketing through a Business Lens” presented by Nancy Hernandez, president and founder of Abrazo Multicultural Marketing. Rick Aguilar, president, Aguilar Productions, talked about Hispanic conferences and festivals. 

Hernandez has a master’s degree in International Business from Marquette University and more than ten years of marketing experience. During the presentation, she shared past experiences and explained the reasons marketers and advertisers are reaching this market and why they should. She also discussed ways to reach the market through campaigns and case studies.

“A lot of success hinges on the approach; about how to approach the task of multicultural marketing and build campaigns that fit the company at that time,” said Hernandez.

Other topics covered during the course were Asian Pacific American and African American markets and multicultural markets in the Midwest and in the Twin Cities. Presenters discussed how to develop marketing strategies through advertising, public relations, direct marketing, and event marketing to different ethnic groups.

The course was developed at New York University which held a similar two-day course the previous weekend. The success of the original course at New York University inspired the course at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee IDEAL which is considering offering another session. —Sergio Carmona