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Carmen’s Cupones y Consejos Celebrates Fifth Year

Posted by Elena del Valle on November 29, 2005


Shayne Walters, President/Founder
Carmen’s Cupones y Consejos™

Carmen’s, which reaches millions of Hispanic households with each mailing in the top 11 U.S. Hispanic states and 17 markets, is entering its fifth year as a leading co-op direct mail program to U.S. Hispanics. Carmen’s provides mailings for client products and services in consumer package goods, telecommunication and Internet service providers, financial services, retailers, and insurance companies.  Clients include GEICO Insurance, Kern’s Beverages, STAPLES and and QWEST Communications.

“We’ve worked very hard to create a successful program. One that would allow advertisers to reach over 2.5 million households nationwide with each mailing, for as little as 3.5 cents per household, but one that would also benefit the Hispanic community through a medium that had overlooked this consumer far too long. We are happy to hear the success stories that our clients bring to us everyday," said Shayne Walters, Carmen’s president.

Carmen’s mailings arrive in a 6” x 9” flat oversized envelope with advertisements in English and Spanish although Carmen’s recommends bilingual ads.  Carmen’s distributes ready-made materials and can create inserts through their production partners at PlanetWoot, LLC.

Mailbox “clutter” to Hispanic households is minimal since the typical Hispanic household receives an average of 50 direct mail pieces per year, compared to 500 or so received by the general U.S. population. In addition, 72 percent of Hispanics say they always read their advertising mail, 66 percent respond to their advertising mail, and 39 percent say they want to receive more, according to two surveys by Dimension/Draft and Data Research Group.  Hispanic consumers also tend to be price conscious and 46 percent say they “always” or “sometimes” use coupons, particularly those with high acculturation, 75 percent of which reported using coupons compared to 56 percent of overall consumers in the U.S. (NCH Marketing Services’ Hispanic Coupon Survey, 2002).