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Book Contributing Authors at Various Events in 2005

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 11, 2005


Miguel Gomez Winebrenner contributing author of Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations

Miguel Gomez Winebrenner, contributing author of two chapters in Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations, will be a panelist at the Reed Television Hispanic Television Summit taking place October 18-19, in Miami, Florida at the Omni Hotel Coral Gables. He is the author of the chapters on "Qualitative and Quantitive Research" and "Segmentation by Level of Acculturation" in Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations.


Cynthia Nelson, contributing coauthor of Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations

Cynthia Nelson, coauthor of the chapter on "Marketing to U.S. Hispanics Online" in Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations will be in attendance and/or speaking at several upcoming conferences as follows:

Latin Business Association – (book signing) October 14-15, Los Angeles, California  (Los Angeles Convention Center)

Reed Television Hispanic Television Summit, (on panel), October 18-19, Miami, Florida  (Omni Hotel Coral Gables)

Association of Diversity in Advertising and Marketing, Executive Summit, October 25-27, Raleigh, North Carolina (speaking)  Sheraton Research Triangle Park

ANA (Association of National Advertisers) Multicultural Marketing Conference – November 6-8 Miami, Florida (attending)  Ritz Carlton Miami Beach

Book readers and anyone interested in learning more about the project and the authors chapters are invited to contact Cynthia and Miguel during those events or by leaving a comment on their bio pages on this website.